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Watch how the calculator reveals instantly where to take your retirement income to keep your Social Security tax free - the way it should be!  Once you learn how easy this is, you'll be kicking yourself!

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Should you take your pension as a lump sum or as monthly payments?  The calculator reveals instantly the exact answer!

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How much of a ROTH conversion should I do? Watch how the calculator reveals in an instant the exact answer based on your personal situation.

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How much will my required minimum distributions be?  The calculator reveals instantly the answer plus provide the tools to reduce it!

Client Testimonial

February 12th, 2021

In Retirement, Mistakes are Hard to Overcome!

Straight From The Desk...

Hi, my name is Dan Casey, I've been a Financial Advisor for 20 years and I'm obsessed with making sure retirees have the BEST retirement plan possible.  This means I never stop researching and implementing strategies that are in their best interest.
Have you ever noticed that often times financial advisors aren't tax experts?  And tax experts aren't finance experts?  And to get answers from either are almost impossible?

Would you agree that it would be an incredible step forward in your retirement plan if you could get all your tax questions answered with the click of a button.

If you could save thousands in taxes, would that be worth it?

The Unbelievably Confusing Landscape of Retirement Taxation Can Give You an Awful Case of 
'Paralysis by Analysis'!

As a financial advisor, it's amazing to me how confusing the retirement tax landscape is.

Social Security is taxed on provisional income, non retirement accounts are taxed based on current income and/or capital gains taxes and retirement accounts are taxed even different than that!

And keeping your eye on taxation is even more important than ever!

Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the Great Recession, TRILLIONS of dollars have been pumped into the economy.
This will, with almost certainty, result in higher taxes. How much will your share be?
Well, use the various sliders on the calculator and play around with your account balances to see how to lower taxes now AND IN THE FUTURE.
I threw 20 years of experience into an excel spreadsheet and converted it to a website so you can get the personalized answers you need about your retirement and tax situation....ALL WITH JUST A FEW CLICKS! 

This is what you've been looking for

An inexpensive, unbiased, customized retirement tax calculator that is easy to use and provides tax answers for you with the click of a button.

Everything You Need

It's as if you have a trusted financial, tax and legal professional collaborating to create the most rock solid retirement plan.  Just move the sliders to get an estimate of your RMDs and how they'll increase as you age.

All In One Spot

See how ROTH conversions affects your taxation.  How much should you convert so you can avoid future taxation and Medicare Part B and D increases?  Move the slider and get INSTANT answers!

To Get Tax Answers in Retirement!

Did you know capital gains don't even exist if you have your income at the right levels?  The calculator shows you exactly what that needs to be for you.  Maybe you hold off taking Social Security or your pension?

But Wait, That's Not All...


Customized Social Security Report

This report will tell you and your spouse EXACTLY when you should file for Social Security to get the highest amount possible!

Tax Hacker Masterclass

SIX videos packed full of personal finance hacks.

Medicaid cheat sheet

Your state's cheat sheet with the requirements to qualify for Medicaid. 

Bonus Bundle Box!

Social Security Torpedo tax worksheet, video tutorials on working with SocialSecurity.gov  and so much more!

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Option #1

Continue as you are.  Wonder if you or your current advisors are doing EVERYTHING they should be to get the government out of your pocket.  

In retirement, mistakes are HARD to overcome.

Option #2

Spend a little more than you do on your monthly subscription to Netflix for an easy to use, unbiased, customized calculator that could CHANGE EVERYTHING.  

There's nothing like this...

You can spend hours scouring the internet looking for strategies for your personal situation.  But odds are you have and...

You fell down the 'rabbit hole' and accomplished very little!

You may have tried the free dinner seminars and even met with a few advisors.  But, that's time consuming and you aren't quite sure if the plan they are presenting is better for you...OR THEM!

And if you already have a financial advisor, can they also advise you in regards to the tax ramifications or how to get to the lowest tax bracket possible?

If you have an accountant or CPA that you work with, they are almost always the best source for your tax needs.  But are they experts in creating a financial plan? 

And usually when you sit down with your tax person, the year is over!
And how often do they contact you throughout the year to provide tax savings strategies?

Now is the time to get the tax answers that you can create yourself anytime with the 2020/2021 retirement tax calculator!

Plus the incredible bonuses makes this a no brainer!