Rates can change daily and we've already noticed rates are dropping.  If the Federal Reserve decides to cut rates, these rates will be gone with little to no notice.

*** Rates subject to change daily ***

 As of 11/27/23



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Client Testimonial

February 12th, 2021

In Retirement, Mistakes are Hard to Overcome!

Straight From The Desk...

Hi, my name is Dan Casey, I've been a Financial Advisor for 20 years and I'm obsessed with making sure retirees have the BEST retirement plan possible.  This means I never stop researching and implementing strategies that are in their best interest.
Have you ever noticed that often times financial advisors aren't tax experts?  And tax experts aren't finance experts?  And to get answers from either are almost impossible?

Would you agree that it would be an incredible step forward in your retirement plan if you could get all your tax questions answered with the click of a button.

If you could save thousands in taxes, would that be worth it?

The Unbelievably Confusing Landscape of Retirement Taxation Can Give You an Awful Case of 
'Paralysis by Analysis'!

As a financial advisor, it's amazing to me how confusing the retirement tax landscape is.

Social Security is taxed on provisional income, non retirement accounts are taxed based on current income and/or capital gains taxes and retirement accounts are taxed even different than that!

And keeping your eye on taxation is even more important than ever!

Between the Covid-19 pandemic and the Great Recession, TRILLIONS of dollars have been pumped into the economy.
This will, with almost certainty, result in higher taxes. How much will your share be?
Well, use the various sliders on the calculator and play around with your account balances to see how to lower taxes now AND IN THE FUTURE.
I threw 20 years of experience into an excel spreadsheet and converted it to a website so you can get the personalized answers you need about your retirement and tax situation....ALL WITH JUST A FEW CLICKS!